Wednesday, July 16, 2008


By Ruwolf Fang

For better or worse the world is not under threat of werewolves.

The world is troubled, not by any dogs or monsters but by the ineptitude of our so-called leaders who claim to know what they are doing and what we should be doing. This whole suggestion that the world should fear the werewolf threat is unfounded and if you consider that you are far more likely to be caught on the grips of gridlock horror than the fang-based terror, you will certainly see that werewolves just do not exist. If they did, then why haven’t you seen one? Where is the proof that they exit?

US President Ronald Regan claims the numbers prove the need for the Anti-Werewolf Forces. The stats don't bare this fact. It appears it is more convenient for the world’s governments to create bogeymen that hide from the light, which might attack us at any moment under the “right conditions”, then to deal with the real issues of our society that they themselves have pushed in to the shadows. We have a chronic homeless problem. Drugs have flooded our streets, carried on the ocean surface by the dark currents of criminality. Police abuse is on the rise. Society is indeed under attack. What have our leaders done to answer these issues? I can’t say. Neither can most of you.

Celebrating the end of lycanthropy might seem like a fine idea but for the $1.5 million we spent this year on the AWWF we might have built new homes for the poor or given free drug counselling for the addicted. The government could have made answers for real problems. Yet here we are listening to the US President claiming victories in fictitious battles with bogeymen.

“Werewolves” are not the issue. Bad policy is far more terrifying.

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