Sunday, July 13, 2008

Werewolves up the ante

In 1985, 30 werewolves made their way to France for what is believed to be a week-long party of flesh and fur. Three were killed in anti-werewolf actions, making the likelihood of a werewolf tourist in France becoming a fatality when travelling to the country 1/10 or 0.10.

In response to the greater threats on their lives, werewolves stepped up what has been termed “terrorizing” activity by anti-werewolf forces, or AWWF, by inserting a wolf-skin belt into travellers’ carry-on luggage, who believe to be receiving a wonderful gift. In reality they are normally are nothing more than pawns in this covert war. On April 17, 1986 an Irish woman at Heathrow airport was found to be carrying one of these devices in her purse as she was about to board an E1 A1 747 plane headed for France. Heathrow’s x-ray and luggage inspection, not made to detect such devices, clearly did not detect it, but a AWWF agent noted that the purse seemed heavier than normal and a false bottom was found containing the device which was seemingly timed to work once the plane had reached air. Al McGrew was arrested by AWWF two days later in a castle just outside of Cork in connection with the werewolf crime.

People are asked to remain vigilant when traveling and to check their luggage before, during and even after their trip to the airport.

“This is not acceptable and I fear that the war is about to get a little more serious in the coming months,” said the agent. “We must have vigilance. Or they will have vengeance!”

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