Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fear of wolves in the 'Couv

An elderly man claimed to be the latest victim of werewolf activity on Vancouver streets last night. According to police sources, he was attacked on the No. 10 bus heading home last night.
The attack took place at approximately 10:30 pm. There had been a full moon in the sky. Jay Swallow said he was making his way home as he always does on the Granville St. bus last night when he witnessed a man becoming agitated as he stared at the moon sitting on a bus seat.
Swallow, a retired police officer from Marpole, claims the agitated man transformed in to a werewolf and attacked teens sitting at the back of the bus. He claims that when the werewolf had finished devouring the teens, he turned his attention to Swallow.
“I just made room for him. He was behaving oddly but not so oddly for that bus route. I thought he was just another drunk that might have gone too far on the bus, probably was meant to get off on Hastings and Granville. We get that a lot. However, when fur started popping out of his flannel shirt, I knew we were for something far more dangerous.”
According to Swallow, the werewolf tried to take a bite out of him once he was done devouring the teens. But Swallow wears a silver bullet attached to his necklace, which he received from his time on the Vancouver Police Department. That was enough to scare the werewolf off the bus. Swallow could not say what direction the werewolf ran.
Officials with BC Transit would not comment on the story. Anti-Werewolf Forces said the matter was under investigation.

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