Thursday, July 24, 2008

An importance

So now we get the point of why we landed here in the first place. The month of a werewolf is a one day affair. His lycanthropy (and who is not getting tired of this elongated, outmoded word)owing to full moons, he is mostly a human rather than a beast.

Compare the local werewolf to your mint comic. The Hulk can roid-rage at any moment but you would think that was a rather blase affair. A man chooses every night to put a bat costume on and you think: "what a tortured hero." But a werewolf transforms once a month from a man to beast and you go, "how horrifying." But it lasts so briefly and his victims so minute that he is just as understandable as the comic book hero. There are things he MUST do but he is still a man.

That's why I think it is time to release the banned Sebastian "RuWolf" Fang story today on the Theater of Technicolor Dreams. It was banned by my former editor at the Daily, I mean Roar, but I will not hold it back any further.

I, Robert Hacker, jr am not a werewolf apologist. But why leave such a important four-part-story sitting on my computer files when it is obvious with latest misdirected talk on werewolves filling our media files.

Read my stories and let me know that you give a damn.

Hack-Man OUT!

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