Thursday, November 6, 2008


A question to G-O-D:

Where the hell have you been? i sent you a letter last week saying we were getting together for a divine intervention. yes, that's right, Johova is up to the old tricks again.

And this dude name Beelzebub called. Said urgent shit about to go down. Was really vague but he did say you could expect retribution.

Anyways, while you are out and about i thought you might like to know your popularity ratings are down with the Western crowd but waaaaayyyyy up with the middle eastern crowd. Seems to me like you can have one but not both.

And what is the deal with them Chinese?

Oh well i'll try to keep you as informed as possible but do get back to me. We are going to try to calm Johova down asap and maybe another DI will help.

You man in the pan,


1 comment:

Crabmonster said...

1). "Dear God,

Where's my pony?!?!?!"

2). "hey, buddy, you want complaints to Santa, down the hall."

1). "Oh, thanks."