Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meditations on the Divine

This month's subject is a doozy. I imagine it is the biggest subject we will ever cover. It is unknowable, yet coneivable. Neither provable nor unprovable, but it remains a constant obsession for the majority of people on the planet.

I'm talking, of course, about God.

The Theatre of Technicolor Dreams is not a forum to discuss the merits of belief in this God or that God, who's right, who's wrong. We will spend the month of November discussing all Gods from all religions past and present (or as many as we can get around to, at any rate), and we're going to set these tales within a contemporary milieu.

We're not going to attempt to answer any big questions, there's just not enough time for that. We will discuss the very nature of God and get inside His head, put them in unfamiliar territory and pick them apart. That's the idea anyway, the creative mind has a way of going where it wants.

So if you're looking for signage on the marquee outside the theatre, perhaps we'll spell it out simply, meditations on the divine.

Now hand your ticket to the usher and enter the Theatre of Technicolor Dreams to witness ... Astonishing Tales of Wonder!


benzo369 said...

My gawd, this'll be a good month!!

Crabmonster said...

This is your month mercedez benzo. You take the credit and get all the blame this month.