Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Class-Z-Fieds: Me want new

Here is a picture of me and friends at a BIG Metro party.

"Hmmm Braiiinns."


I am about to turn ZOMBIE and realized that I can't be alone anymore. I need that special someone to take me on the eternal journey of being undead.

I am mentally unstable and have never been married/had children.

I had been so focused on my career (Party Planning Company), that I never found the time to explore a meaningless life as a zombette. I recently sold this company (for an extremely tidy brain) and feel it's time for the real zombie to come through!

I am looking to romance and be romanced by someone special. I don't mind where you are at in your life so long as you are willing to be a zombie.

If you are interested in exploring this further, please send me an email telling me about your brains and I will do the same.

- Sheila the Zombie

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