Friday, August 1, 2008

August is Zombie month!

Okay so, last month the three twisted minds behind the curtains at the Theatre of Technicolor Dreams brought you tales of drug trips, bestiality, matricide and incest. What a way to make friends. This month we explore the world of the zombie.

Make no mistake, zombies are real. They exist. Just ask Wade Davis of beautiful British Columbia who spent several weeks in Haiti investigating the phenomenon. Or, if you have a hard time tracking him down, just read his excellent book on his experiences there, The Serpent & the Rainbow. Voodoo priests have found a toxin that induces a death-like trance, and are then able to bring the victim 'back to life.'

But, more to the point, zombies are all around us, every minute of every day. Indeed, our culture is permeated with the walking dead. Infested by those who seem to turn off their minds and obey the will of a kind of baser instinct of repeated patterns of behavior. Junkies come to mind, and politicians perhaps ...

Ah, but let's not spoil the fun, shall we? You have your ticket in hand, now enter the Theatre of Technicolor Dreams to witness ... Astonishing Tales of Wonder!

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