Sunday, December 7, 2008

A gift of love - act 1

Margaret’s mom found out Margaret was a lesbian when they were at the dress shop looking for a prom dress for the big night. Her mom asked her if she had in mind who she would be going with and when her mom asked who, Margaret said it was someone she loved very much. That left Margaret’s mom in a heap flush as she became very hungry for info about the boy she would be going with. What was he like? Did he drive a car? Was he tall, was he smart, did he play sports,was he in to art – what-what-what!?

“No mom,” is all Margaret answered and tried to leave it there.

But mom pressed further and asked her if this boy did not have any of such qualities what, pray tale did he have?

“He doesn’t have a penis,” Margaret said while twirling in a magnificent blue dress.

Obviously this left mom a little confused. If this boy didn’t have a penis how on earth could Margaret and he copulate and eventually have children. She told Margaret she wasn’t sure she wanted her to date a eunuch.

“She isn’t a eunuch mom,” Margaret said. The flush heap was now a ghost white. Mom’s baby girl liked other moms' baby girls and that was no small thing. In fact it seemed to have cost a lot of money because as soon as mom registered this little fact, the till closed at mom’s bank and suddenly she could no longer purchase a dress for Margaret’s prom.

Not being able to attend prom would have been a disaster but Stacy was so in love with Margaret that they pledged to get drunk at Stacy’s home, whose parents long ago assumed that their baby girl liked other baby girls.

And so prom night was a great. Sublime bounced off the walls that were dressed like a clubbing paradise with intermittent blue and green Christmas lights illuminating the room, and martini glasses on Stacy’s night stand beside a bottle of vodka and vermouth that illuminated their thirst. They both liked dry martinis but Margaret loved dry martinis.

They devised a plan to announce their own winners for prom night and wouldn’t you know it one of them was always the winner.

Heck, each announcement they made was met with a congratulatory martini and soon the announcements got pretty ridiculous –

Best butch dancer in a comedy role: Stacy Sherman!

Best non-attendance in a Home Ec class: Margret Rollings!

Best romance in a fictional life: Margaret Rollings and Stacy Sherman!

It kept going like this until the winner was Margaret who had soundly drank three quarters of the bottle and slipped a bit on the rug. Tumbling over her was Stacy, who faded in to her and kisser her – that kiss feeling more like a big hug on her lips then a deep embrace.

Margaret soon thought of being bad and having her fingers roll up Stacy’s leg, they had never traveled such distances, and visiting that soft warm place she had wanted play in. The thought of being closer to Stacy made her very anxious and she closed her eyes thinking of doing what she felt she needed to do.

Stacy never gave her the chance and got up to go to the bathroom.

Alone, Margaret could feel her panties were damp. She got up and took them off, slowly examining the centre where her own soft warm place rested and she blushed at the sight of this. Hearing approaching footsteps, she hid the panties under a pillow on the bed and straightened her dress.

“James just called. There is a wicked after-party happening in one hour in a berry field. What do you think?”

Not wanting out of the room, Margaret nodded her head passively and poured another martini for herself.

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