Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gift-a-lee part 5 -- Finale

Garry Perry was awakened by the maniacal barking coming from Coloru. Looking upon the table he saw a white envelope on the coffee table and immediately walked out, storming by the Breadman and Char McCool who were walking up to the front door.

“Garry Perry, da good ‘fo about us,” said the Breadman in a voice that sounded like 4am chirping birds.

“He where?” demanded Garry Perry.

Both Char McCool and the Breadman looked lost.

Garry Perry turned around, his heart beating a mad beat until he looked up and saw the pure adulation in the Breadman and Char McCool’s eyes.

“Da’ ‘fo id good,” repeated the Breadman.

“We are getting married,” said Char McCool.

A gun blast went off from the other end of Dyke Rd. The invading aficionados had arrived again.

Garry Perry pinched his nut sack three times hard and wondered how long this dream would last.

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