Saturday, March 7, 2009


Blame it on the fog

there i was walking in the middle of the night through the thickest of all fogs, it reached for the shores to the delta, to the hills and in to the valley. The time was probably 2 am, but the air was still fairly warm, yet cooling g fast, hence the fog. My eye were finding it a hefty task to focus, a blurry vision ride I wish on no person. Just then for the shadows ran a Werewolf, twitching and moaning at a handicapped foot or paw what ever you call it, it was belly aching something fierce and had a way about it that was no good! At this point the beast started to morph!
I told you to stop being a zombie, don't be an alien,you are a god! you look at me with some discontent in your smile and start to laugh. your chuckle of madness intoxicated me quickly. don't bend over for then, don,t let them bate you.
the gift was huge and at the same time very small, it was a tender kiss of violence that seemed, at the time, to take the wind right out of me. turning in my head; should I accept this gift, this time, this space, this reality? I took the gift! What the hell was I supposed to do?
unwrapping that first bit of paper my mood, my smile changed, and the further i got into it the more my heart started to beat. The mystery started to unravel before my eyes, freedom!
My finger tips began to move in some kind of spastic reaction to my new found treasure. It was great! A new experience, a world of possibility and interest. No one could tell me in that state not even you, of the dangers that lay in wait.
As fast as the feeling came the feeling left again, leaving me sucked dry and washed up, I was an old man, A lesson to be drilled into the students head........THOSE GOD DAMMED VAMPIRES, AND I BLAME IT ALL ON THE FOG!

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